MISA eDATA Newsflash -Changing the face of our Industry

Dear MISA Member,

MISA and the RMI are working together to change the face of the motor retail industry in South Africa through levelling the gender and disability playing fields.

We are proud to share with you that MISA and the Retail Motor Industry Organisation (RMI) have announced two major business transformation initiatives.

MISA and the RMI will work closely to equalise the gender playing fields in what is still a predominantly male-dominated industry, while also attracting and retaining more people with disabilities to our industry.

Pertinent issues

Some issues include redressing the inequalities of power that exist in the areas of decision-making and representation, the differences in legal status between different genders, eradicating violence against women in the industry as well as the discriminatory attitudes that still prevail, while achieving an increased participation of women in the labour market.

“No one should be subject to gender discrimination or harassment,” says Martlé Keyter, MISA’s CEO Operations.

Says RMI CEO, Jakkie Olivier, “We are committed to ensuring gender issues are addressed in collective bargaining and promoting the equal treatment of all employees.”

Job creation

“We as an industry must do whatever we can to stimulate job creation,” says MISA’s CEO for Strategy and Development, Hermann Köstens, “and we need to create more opportunities for people with disabilities and to retain them in our industry.”

MISA and the RMI have joined forces with various industry employers and have also already enlisted and trained a team of industry representatives who will champion the two initiatives going forward.

We will keep you, our valued member, posted regarding these important initiatives.

Kind regards,

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