If suspended! Are you entitled to commission?

Are you a commission earner? Are you depending on your commission to get the bills paid? Being suspended and at home not knowing if you will be able to get the bills paid this month as you are not at work getting that hard-earned commission, let MISA ease your mind a bit.

The Motor Industry Bargaining Counsel Main Collective Agreement states in clause 7.2

An employee who is a commission earner, who is suspended pending a disciplinary hearing, shall receive his remuneration in the event that he is not found guilty. For the purposes of this clause, remuneration shall be calculated as provided in Clause 5.1(1)(iii), i.e. an employee found not guilty will be paid basic wages plus average commission earned as calculated in terms of Clause 5.1(1)(iii).” (own emphasis) 

In a nutshell, if you are found not guilty in the disciplinary hearing, you must receive your commission!

MISA is just a phone call away!

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