Please download the MISA Membership Application Form here to complete and return by fax or e-mail to your relevant MISA Regional Office, or you may complete the online form below and MISA will contact you.




  • Completed apprenticeship contract
  • Trade test diploma
  • Certificates of service confirming the practical experience gained whilst performing work in a designated trade

Please mail your documentation to

Please mail your documentation to

Please mail your documentation to

Please mail your documentation to

Please mail your documentation to

C – NOMINATION OF BENEFICIARY: (for the payment of Death Benefits):

The person whom the benefits, in terms of the Rules of MISA BENEFIT and FUNERAL FUND, shall be paid in the event of my death.


I, the undersigned,

  • hereby further authorise and instruct my employer to deduct, and pay over, on a monthly basis the union subscriptions payable by me to MISA or its designated agent.
  • solemnly declare that the above particulars are true and correct, and I agree to abide by the Organisation’s Constitution and faithfully observe all rules and regulations which are in force, or may be brought into force, from time to time.
  • consent in terms of Act 4 of 2013 (Protection of Personal Information Act): I hereby authorise MISA or its designated agent, to process my personal information (as per my membership application form) as well as to provide the necessary information of my MISA membership to MIBCO and my employer in so far as it is necessary to protect and/or execute my interests and/or those of MISA.

PLEASE NOTE: It is your responsibility to notify MISA if and when any of your information changes regarding your membership. This includes your personal,
company and beneficiary details. Please also ensure that MISA union fees are being deducted from your payslip monthly.

If you wish to join MISA, please print the relevant application form, complete and fax to the number on the appropriate Regional Office form.