What we do

The Young Workers’ Forum is involved in various projects around the country through-out the year, for example:

  • Youth Day: Invitation of a motivational speaker to motivate High School children.
  • Wellness Week: Where young workers in the Motor Industry take part in a quiz regarding MISA, and where certain categories are awarded with prizes, such as the Young Member within that dealership that was absent the least during the year.
  • Soft skills training: Training of young workers within the Industry.
  • Online Surveys: Surveys are done in order to gather information which are formulated into projects for young workers.
  • Various Community Projects: These include a soccer team that the Young Workers’ Forum adopted in 2013, Mandela Day projects and a Winter Drive with Children’s Homes.

For more information on the Young Workers’ Forum or to get involved, contact Anel Oosthuizen (National Co-ordinator of the Young Worker’s Forum) on t:  +27 11 476 3920 or e-mail:  Anel.Oosthuizen@ms.org.za.

Hereby the Regions in which the Young Workers’ Representatives are located.


Sagheerah Bruce


Eugene Myburgh – Principal
Lauren Scott – Alternate


Nolwazi Ntshingila – Principal
(Vice Chairperson)


Juan Beck – Principal


Michelle Vorster – Principal